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The Native Heart Oracle

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The Native Heart Healing Oracle is a mandala-based ascension tool for spiritual healing. Each of the 42 mandalas is a template of highly evolved universal energy a unique and powerful combination of sacred geometry, ancient codes and elemental keys. The cards are an elixir for the soul, brought forth to grace you with the sacred understanding that, with guidance, you can rise to become the divine healer ... the beautiful infinite soul that you are. As you connect with the mandalas visually, and align yourself with their vibration, the 96-page booklet will help you fully integrate the wisdom of the oracle through healing messages, body placements, guided visualisations and ceremony. Step forth now and be filled with the light of the sun, the wisdom of the star beings, the nurturing energy of Earth and the extraordinary love of the Native Heart. Reviews: "The quality of the cards is very good, the illustrations magnificent, the texts quite short but clear. I'm very happy with my purchase." "Beautiful powerful deck of cards "Beautiful powerful deck of cards. Truly wonderful creation. Thank you for this Gift to humanity. Quick delivery, well packed, thank you."