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7 Chakra Healing Kit w/ Cards

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Chakra Affirmation Healing Cards ...for awakening & balancing your chakras A complete understanding of the chakras to awaken your body’s energy system and guide it back to its natural state of wholeness and joy, through affirmations, healing stones and colour therapy. The Chakra Affirmation Healing Cards have been designed to help you clear, balance and restore your energy field. Once you start working with your chakras, these cards will work in a gentle yet effective way in awakening and balancing your chakras. This process can have a marked effect on your health, vitality and wellbeing, guiding you back to your natural state of wholeness and joy. Kit includes: 49 Chakra Healing Affirmation Cards 49 Chakra Colour Therapy Cards 7 Chakra Information cards Instruction card about the deck and ways to use the cards 7 semi-precious stones Trifold full colour instructional leaflet Chakra stones card Made in Canada